Lincolnshire's Poacher Country

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The diversity of Poacher Country is simply breathtaking, and this means that there is always something of interest for all visitors.

Here you will find an abundance of history. Take the opportunity to visit some of the churches, windmills, historic houses, castle remains and museums. Discover why Lincolnshire's RAF was so important during World War II.

Read up on the history as to the many reasons why Lincolnshire folk are affectionately referred to as Yellow Bellies, and choose your favourite derivation.

Who were the Lincolnshire ancestors that made history both here and world-wide?

Visitors will be spoilt for choice with the wonderful Wolds countryside. Enjoy the chance of cycling and walking among the rape seed fields and green lush pastures. In this rural area we still pride ourselves on local crafts, read more about where you see craftsmen and women.

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10th of Foot named the Yellow Belly
RAF at East Kirkby
Windmill at Alford
Somersby Church

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