Lincolnshire's Poacher Country

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Churches are wonderful landmarks within villages and towns, usually surviving most other pieces of architecture within their location. They become time-capsules telling the history of what has gone before. Mentioned below are just a few of the interesting churches that lie within the area, but there are many others which are certainly worth visiting.


Near to Horncastle, is the picturesque village of Somersby, birthplace of Poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The Church of Saint Margaret was once presided over by Tennyson's father who was the local Vicar. The octagonal font, where Tennyson was baptised, still remains. Alongside the font is a quill pen and two pipes (which the poet used), and a bronze bust of the poet by Thomas Woolner.


Only a few miles on lies the small village of Greetham, one of the highest points in Lincolnshire overlooking Tennyson Country. All Saints is a charming church built from greenstone and has a register that dates from 1653.


Near to the market town of Alford is Markby. This village has a remarkable thatched church, the last remaining example in Lincolnshire. Saint Peter's stands within a moat that originally surrounded a 12th century priory, and inside are original benches and an old chest, probably made from monastic oak beams.


One of the most notable landmarks in Lincolnshire's Poacher Country is the church of Saint James's in Louth. The spire, reaching 295 feet, can be seen from many miles around and acts as a welcoming sight to those travelling to the market town. The church was built in the 15th century and was renovated by Louth architect, James Fowler in the 1860s, and includes wonderful woodcarvings by local craftsman Thomas Wallis.
Church at Somersby
All Saints' Greetham
St Peter's at Markby
St. James's Louth