Lincolnshire's Poacher Country

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Claythorpe Mill

The watermill at Claythorpe, built during the 1700s, was recorded in the Doomsday Book.
During the 1800s the original water wheel was destroyed and replaced with a turbine, a modern piece of technology in that era. This water mill is now a part of a visitor centre, as is the mill at Stockwith.

Stockwith Mill

It is Stockwith that is said to be featured in Tennyson's poems, 'The Brook' and the 'Miller's Daughter'. Today Stockwith Mill has its own cafe and craft area and there are sign-posted walks around the mill locality.

Alvingham Mill

Alvingham, near to Louth, also has a water mill. Although it is now a private residence, it is nevertheless, a charming site in the village.


Windmills were once a common sight in this part of Lincolnshire, but due to a combination of technological advances and the ravages of time, most have been lost.

Two mills that still remain, built by Sam Oxley, are at Alford and Burgh le Marsh.

Alford Windmill

The windmill at Alford is now the only one of the three that stood in the town until 1932. In its heyday the six-floored mill, standing over 30 metres high, was capable of grinding 4 to 5 tonnes of corn a day. This is a charming spot where you can enjoy a cream tea whilst sitting under the huge turning sails.

Burgh le Marsh Windmill

Dobson's Windmill at Burgh le Marsh, which is open to the public, was fully operational up until 1964. It is a five-sailed mill, built again by Sam Oxley, but this example of his work is unusual in that its sails are left-handed.

Sibsey Trader Mill

The Sibsey Trader Mill was built by Saunderson of Louth in 1877 and replaced a small post mill. Although it not exceptionally tall, it is slender, and so gives the impression that it is taller than it actually is.
Alford five sailed mill
Alvingham water mill
Burgh le Marsh five sailed mill
Sibsey Trader Mill  copyright English Heritage Photo Library